Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #9

1. I think tying the technology to the lesson is important, so that the students are working on something meaningful and it is reinforcing what they need to learn.  This is another way to teach students what they need to learn and help them master the objective.

2. We should hold students accountable for what they are doing, so they are working on what they need to and not playing around.  If you let them they would sit around and talk or surf on the web were they are not suppose to.

3.  The 2 tools I looked at are Manipula Math and tutpup.

Manipula Math could be used during the Geometry objectives.  I could hold them accountable by having they students create a foldable with descriptions of they shape and characteristics.  This would reinforce the difference between the shapes.

tutpup could be used throughout the year. It works on basic math.  Students struggle with multiplying and dividing. Which is a concept they need to be proficient in to be successful in 6th grade math.  I could hold them accountable by having them complete on online quiz in google docs and check for improvement overtime.

4. Another way the students could use the ipads as a station is by using ScreenChomp and explain how to solve a problem by writing it out and recording it (for accountability).

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  1. There are lots of good sites for math, lucky you. My favorite and one I use even in the classroom using the ActivBoard is Cool Math games. Kids like the competition and they dont even know they are practicing their skills ;)