Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #10

3 things:

I want to teach my students about being safety on the internet, digital etiquette, and about not always believe everything on the internet (that they should check out what is said and find a reliable source).

Ed Tech:
On the Ed Tech website, I found Common Sense. On this website, you can select the grade and the topic you want to teach. They are lessons developed on this site that I can follow. It encourages discussion about their ideas. The site also several topics to pick from.

How would I teach:
- Review contract signed by parents and students regarding technology usage
-Discuss Digital Citizenship topics relating to netiquette, email, online harrassment, and avoiding plagiarism
-Post posters detailimg main points

I would send home a letter explaining what it is and what the consequences are if they are not followed. I would also have a handout to give them at open house as a reinforcement.

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