Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #7

Digital Projects
1. Content objective - finding the average 6th grader using mean, median and mode.
2. I plan to start collecting data starting the first 2 weeks of school
3. I plan to have the students create survey questions and then we could use google docs or edmodo to collect the data
4. Description: The first time we do the project, we will collect information from all 6th grade math students. Once we collect the information, each class then can take the information and figure out the mean, median, and mode of different categories and create graphs showing the data. From all the graphs created, each class can then interpret the data to determine the Average 6th grader.

To begin with, we will start local an stay with in the school. If successful, I would then take it to another school within the district.


  1. I would probably use a Google Form to collect the data. You could embed the form in Edmodo. Then, you could add the Google spreadsheet to your library in Edmodo, allow students to view it, they can make a copy and save the spreadsheet and then manipulative the data, graph and draw their conclusions based on the analytics and graphs they make. GREAT project!

    1. Thanks for the idea. I will try that.